What is Ethical design?

  • Roach Motel — You get into a situation very easily, but then you find it is hard to get out of it (e.g. a premium subscription).
  • Misdirection — The design purposefully focuses your attention on one thing in order to distract your attention from another.
  • Forced Continuity — When your free trial with a service comes to an end and your credit card silently starts getting charged without any warning. In some cases, this is made even worse by making it difficult to cancel the membership.
  • Sneak into Basket — You attempt to purchase something, but somewhere in the purchasing journey the site sneaks an additional item into your basket, often through the use of an opt-out radio button or checkbox on a prior page.

Beginning of the ethical wave in the design industry

Design Ethicists fight back

The ‘Ethical Hierarchy of Needs’ (licensed under CC BY 4.0) (Source: ind.ie)

No light at the end of the tunnel.




Researcher by day, Musician by night, Cheesy by character.

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Satya Srivastava

Satya Srivastava

Researcher by day, Musician by night, Cheesy by character.

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